Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Knitting For No One

Now that I've finished Reid, I have a sweater that was knit for no one in particular. As you can already see from Queued posts, I have some future project plans that are also missing a designated recipient. I started Reid in a flurry of baby announcements from my friends, and since I had been wanting to make this sweater I let myself go ahead and cast-on. I figured there would be a new little girl who needed a pretty sweater soon enough. Ignoring the likelihood that my lack of recipient contributed to the neglect this project faced, I want to know what you think about it. Is it ok to knit for no one? What should I do with the sweater now?

I'm tempted to set it aside and wait for an appropriate gifting occasion. Part of me thinks that should be acceptable (and is the only way knitted gifts on Christmas could be not stressful). It is just as hand knit as if I planned it from the beginning. I think it is still more heartfelt than if I went out and bought a witty onsie. The other part of me thinks of all the good thoughts that go into planning and knitting a project for someone. As I knit Owen's blanket or Dean & Katy's wedding gift, I spent a lot of time thinking about the recipient. I thought about how much I miss my friends. Knitting for them was my way of being involved in their lives from across the country. Does my knitted gift have less meaning without that? It still means that I love and trust them enough to give them a gift that I have dedicated all of this time to. It still means that they have something that I created. What do you think?

Bonus secret knitting picture: (If only this project for no one, then I could tell you all about it and show you everything.)

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