Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Queued: Zozo

From P. Wickens
You are probably not surprised to learn that I like toys. They simply make me smile and I appreciate that. This adorable little alien, Zozo, is no exception. Pauline did an incredible job on this pattern. If those smiles are some how resistible to you, check out the cute little fingers. If you follow the link, you'll find extra cuteness in their tails.

Toys are great because you can use left over yarn, you don't need to gauge, and they are great gifts for everyone. I have just made a few toys so far, and but most of my pattern books are for toys. I find it a little difficult to knit at the tighter gauge especially when I knit with cotton. The real challenge is also the most fun: the faces. Every time I finish a toy, I have a great time working out the different expressions that can come from embroidery or buttons. I am just starting to get the hang of sewing on a face, and I'm amazed at how much just a couple stitches can give a whole personality.

When I started knitting toys, I thought I hated them. (That is completely because I was knitting dishcloth cotton on a set of US3 DPNs. I thought that I was going to break my fingers.) Now, I am completely addicted. I am drawn in by their great shapes and cute faces. My queue is full of them.


Lupie said...

I'm not a big toy maker but this Zozo is so cute I may have to make one for my Lula.

Amanda D Allen said...

It would look cute on that book shelf ;).

DrChopSuey said...

Weeeeeee! Those little Zozo are so cute! Pattern is now in the queue!

Amanda D Allen said...

Ohh I'm so excited to see these new Zozos!