Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How do you feel about dice bags? I hope you like them, because they are going to be overtaking my attention for a little bit. Hubby's was not the end of the dice bag excitement. A friend requested a custom bag for his Warhammer random number generators (I admit 'dice' is getting pretty repetitive already). I couldn't resist  a request like that, so I've started prepping. He sent me a picture of his insignia so I used Knit Pro to make a chart.

From Drop Box

It is not quite perfect. I am going to have to do some refining with colored pencils, but what I'm really concerned about is the nice curved lines in the wings. They have already gotten a little blocky by putting it in the chart. Once I knit it up I will have to see what I think. Maybe I'll be able to devise a way to smooth them out.  Right now I'm thinking that if it is a problem, I could try some duplicate stitch or embroidery to fix it up.


laura said...

knitpro for the win!!!! That's how I was able to make my Obama hat back in 2008 :-)

I've encountered the same issue you did with your wings. In fact i was trying to make a Kermit sweater for a baby in my life :-) There are ways to manipulate it but you run the risk of a 100 stitch count as opposed to the 30 you started off with.

Amanda D Allen said...

I remember your hat! Since the bag is so small, I can't let the stitch count get too big. Otherwise, I'll end up with a Warhammer santa bag ;). What ever happened to Kermie?