Sunday, February 13, 2011

With Love from Cthulhu

Cthulhu HeartsFrom what I understand Cthulhu prefers cultists to valentines, but this year, he is helping me share a little love with my hubby. I mentioned that I was working on a dice bag for his new game, and with out any stress I was able to complete it in time for our February fawning over each other.

I am still not completely happy with my color work. This time, I used a yarn stranding guide  for the two color section.  It was helpful in that I didn't have to drop and pick up the yarn each time I changed colors. This was great on the boarder rows that switched colors every other stitch, but I still had difficulties with the runners. The gauge of that band is still noticeably tighter and their are a couple places that pucker a bit from turning the corner on DPNs.

Cthulhu TiedThe color work section also went really slowly. Part of that is because I am still not comfortable with the technique. I will definitely need to do some more smaller pieces before I take on anything major. Another issue was my yarn. Hubby's game had a glow in the dark die so he wanted a glow in the dark bag. he bought me some glow in the dark yarn, and agreed that it sounded fantastic. Let this be your warning. If you want to knit anything glow in the dark, you better be committed. This 100% nylon yarn is scratchy, splicy, and miserable to work with.  There was no joy in it running through scraping across my fingers. There is no twist in the yarn, so the tiny little threads that make up its weight were not cohesive and I was constantly knitting right through the middle of a strand.  Just take a look at that i-cord draw string. Tiny little nylon loops are poking out everywhere making the whole thing a little itchy and sad.

glowWith all of that said, I must also tell you. It does an awesome job at glowing in the dark. Despite hating working with it, I already have plans for the rest of my ball. I would not be surprised if I end up buying more.  I locked myself in our windowless bathroom to try and get you a picture of the awesome glowing.  Unfortunately, my camera does not have manual settings that allow me to leave the shutter open long enough to really capture the luminescent green. This is the best I got before I realized that trying to take and enhance photos of darkness is how I'm going to accidentally discover my toilet is haunted.

I cannot promise that we don't have any ghosts, but if you would like to come over to play, Hubby is ready to show off his new game.
Cthulhu dice

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