Thursday, February 17, 2011

Queued: Nouveau Bohemia

From Photo.Knit.Dog
My new friend Lina released her Nouveau Bohemia pattern just last week. I only know a couple designers, and I admire them all.  Lina came to our last knit group right after the full pattern and the different versions were all done. I got to admire the beanie version up close.

It is a beautiful hat. I love the lace and cable combination. I think my favorite is the beanie, but I may change my mind once I see a couple versions in a solid color. I've got some left over Andean Silk that I've been thinking about making a hat with. It is a solid purple, but it has a lot of bloom. This pattern might also be the perfect excuse to pick up some madelinetosh.

There are only a few projects on Ravelry right now. This is the moment to get ahead of the knitting fad. By next winter everybody is going to have one.


Lina said...

What a sweet thing to post, Amanda! And I didn't even see it until today. Now you've got me blushing calling the hat an upcoming fad! ;)

I can't wait to see more versions of the hat too... there are some gorgeous ones out there already.

Amanda D Allen said...

These are beautiful hats, and I think everyone's going to love them. I also think the pattern is great because it lets you make which ever version you like best. you should be proud, it's awesome.

Now, if we can just get Hermione to wear one in the final Harry Potter movie...