Saturday, February 12, 2011

Myrtle begins

MyrtleMyrtle has a solid start. I've worked through the garter stitch boarder and completed a full pattern repeat. I feel like this is going very slowly, but that was accomplished in just the past week. I think that part of my perception is that it has been a long time since I have worked on a project this large. Even the last blanket I finished was knit one square at a time so it was full of a lot of little gratification moments. Another reason that probably contributes to this feeling like a slow going project is that it is not portable. I am tied to the pattern, and it requires some extra focus. I'm not comfortable taking it away from home, so I haven't worked on it in the subway.  It sat here neglected when I when to knit night this week. Every time I leave it behind, I notice how much time I could have spent working on it, and think about how much hasn't been accomplished. It comes down to impatience, but for now, I think that is a good thing.  It is a sign that I'm really excited about this sweater, and I want to be working on it. What could be bad about a project that you wish you were working on?

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