Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Queued: Bird on a Wire

From Vogue Knitting
I keep telling myself that the next time I buy yarn, it is going to be for this hat. Bird on a Wire was designed by Elli Stubenrauch and published in the Fall 2009 Vogue Knitting. That issue is full of great hats, but this pattern is the reason I bought the magazine. I don't know what my style is, but this hat fits into it perfectly. I like the large bold image but I think it is the perfect size and doesn't overwhelm the hat. I love the cute bird that looks animated, but not goofy. The very best part of it all, is that it is reversible! If that model needs to brighten up her day, she can just flip that hat inside out and it will be sunny yellow with an adorable blue bird. When I look at this hat, I imagine myself wearing it in the park and spinning with joy.

I honestly cannot give you a good reason for why I have not made this hat yet, but I can offer three flimsy excuses. 1) It keeps getting pushed down the queue by gifts that I am knitting for other people. Now that I've instituted the rule, hopefully it won't be quite as big of a problem. 2) I don't know how to double knit. I am certainly not against learning, but I feel like I should do a practice piece before I dive into a hat that would devastate me if I messed it up. I have a hard enough time gauge swatching, so I haven't been feeling like doing a practice piece. 3) I don't have the yarn. I have decided that I am going to buy something special just for this hat. I want it to be perfect in every way so I am not sacrificing on the colors to make it work with whatever is in my stash. That means I have to commit to a color combination. I just cant decide. Wouldn't it be great with red and grey, or cream and blue, or yellow and brown. Really you could just toss any of those colors into a hat and pull out a combination I'd swoon over like yellow and grey, red and cream, or blue and brown. When I make that decision, then I'll make this hat.


Oiyi said...

Any of the color combos you mentioned would be great for this hat!

Amanda D Allen said...

I think you're right. I may have to make 6 of them.