Sunday, September 26, 2010

The New Rule

I have create a new knitting rule for myself, and I am going to publish it for the world to see in hopes that the perceived social pressure will help me keep it.

Amanda's New Rule: I will only work on one project for someone else at a time. Or, all projects that I am currently working on except for one must be for me.

I have decided to institute this rule because I don't do nearly enough knitting for me. Admittedly, the definition of knitting for me is kind of broad. The completed project does not have to be for me. Here are some situations where that might come into play. 1) I knit these nine-to-five socks for myself. They turned out great, but really just too small for me so I gave them to a girlfriend who I knew would appreciate some hand knit socks. Under this new rule, I would not be required to rip out a poorly fitting item and reknit it just to make sure that it was for me. 2) The item does not have to be intended for me in the first place. There are quite a few items in my queue that I want to make, but that I won't wear or use. Mainly this falls into a desire to do new techniques. A perfect example is the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I am fascinated by the technique and look of this jacket. Quite simply, I want to make it. I also recognize that it is a shape that would not flatter me at all. I would never wear it, and if I did, I would be uncomfortably self-conscious the entire time. I have a couple girlfriends that it would look adorable on, and hopefully one of them will be interested enough in it that I could give it to them when I am done.

If I can make something for someone else, but it still counts as knitting for me what is knitting for others? I have decided that knitting for others is defined mainly by someone else requesting that I make the item, there is a deadline for completion, or it is being knit in secret. I like when people ask me to knit them things, as long as the deadline is reasonable I don't mind it, and I really like surprises, so knitting is secret doesn't bother me either. However, I look at my queue and it is full of things that I want for me. I haven't finished anything for me that I really wanted since last December so I'm bumping me up the priority list.

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Katy said...

Amanda, I like this new rule. You deserve things that are just for you (whether in accomplishment of a task or to actually wear). I promise to make things for others since I have only plans to make things for myself right now :) Thanks for the inspiration!