Saturday, September 18, 2010

I *heart* my City

Creative Time presented an art project by Paul Ramírez Jonas called Key to the City. On my birthday, hubby took me to Times Square, and bestowed me with a key that opened locks all over the city. As we researched the project more, we learned that people were leaving notes, cards, and other markers in the places where they unlocked keys. I wanted to interact with this project in a way that showed how much I love the idea and my complete infatuation with NYC. So, (as I'm sure you've guessed by now) I knit up a bunch of little hearts to leave as my calling card. Several of the places ask that you not leave anything behind, so I respected that. The whole project for us was much more about the city then the locks. It was nice to hold a key to some of her secrets, but really we used it as an excuse to explore place we wouldn't think of on our own. The project is over, but I still keep my key on my key chain. I'm really possessive of this city, and I'm not ready to part with a memento that represents that so well.

These are the photos we took around the city as we hunted down and opened up locks. Some of them even show the hearts in places they were left.


Sara said...
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Sara (a.k.a Sarloz) said...

Hi, I just love your hearts and i cant tell you how much joy it brings me seeing how much fun you have had with the pattern and that you chose to leave these little hearts around the city. I made the pattern to help bring some happiness to others and I can just imagine someone finding one of your hearts around. What a fun project and i'm honored you'd pick to leave hearts made from my pattern behind. I also enjoyed your video of images very much.

Amanda D Allen said...

Thanks so much Sara. Your pattern was fantastic. I was able to knit them up super quick while I was on the subway. They were so much fun to leave around. I still have a handful of them left. I've been tempted to leave them at some of my favorite NYC spots even though the Key to the City program is over.