Saturday, October 2, 2010

On The Needles

So now that I'm all up to date on what I've accomplished, I want to show you what I'm working on. I pretty much have two projects really active at a time: the one in my purse and the one on the couch.
In my purse:

These are my me project. This pattern (Rav link) was a gift from knitting friend that I met in Philly. (She's an awesome knitter and she has the best Save the Dates.) I started these in December on the train to Chicago. I understand that December is a long time to be working on a pair of socks, but they went inactive for a long time. I have finally gotten use to the K tbl stitches, and I am now good with the cables. I have turned the heels and I'm close to done with the gusset shaping so it should be much quicker from here on out. I am starting to worry a bit about them being too tight. I don't have a reason to really worry about this, beyond my lingering lack of confidence in sock knitting. Well, that and the fact that every time the idea that they might not fit occurs to me, I'm on the subway and not willing to whip off my shoes. So rather than try them on and settle my mind, I just let myself believe a little more that they won't fit when I'm done.

On my couch:
At home I am working on a Jeanie wrap. The more I work on this project, the more I love it. First of all, the Knit Picks Stroll in the Tonal colors are incredibly beautiful. I love working with it. Beyond the yarn, the pattern is fantastic. When I started the project, I only knew that it involved some dropped stitches. Dropped stitches are always fun but this pattern is also reversible! I was obsessed with the charts for the first few rows, but havi0021 made a comment on Ravelry that helped me figure out that most of each row is a four stitch repeat of Ktbl, P, K, Ptbl. That gave me the freedom to stop staring at my color-coded chart and go back to admiring the beautiful yarn. I am also looking forward to the bid-off for this project because the reversible cable border on each side goes around the entire wrap. I will keep you posted on how that goes.


Miss Audrey said...

Having knit the Viper Pilots, I can tell you that they are a wee bit snug (all those darn cables and twisted stitches), but it's nothing a good agressive block won't cure. Love the projects!

Amanda D Allen said...

Thanks! Maybe my suspicions are not outrageous. That makes me feel a little less crazy.

laura said...

Congrats on the sock progress!!! Ktbls can get a little annoying but you're going to have a pair of socks as a result! I applaud your determination in getting them done.

Thanks for the shout out by the way. :-)

Amanda D Allen said...

Thanks Laura! My goal is to get them done before Christmas, that way they won't be the socks that took a year to knit.

I hope Saturday goes great! Congrats to both of you.