Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Land of Mochimochi

Anna Hrachovec is a wonderful knitter and a fantastically creative artist. If you are not familiar with her patterns or her blog you should check her out at Mochimochi Land and Ravelry. Her designs are adorable, and her toys are inspiring because she can make anything cute. (She even makes cuddling with bedbugs ok!)

She has been blogging about a big art project for a while now, and now it is here! Opening night for her exhibit was Thursday. I went to visit Mochimochi on Saturday and loved every stitch of it. Here are some pictures of my favorite scenes. (I am completely enamored with the little picnic!)

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed it, so if you are in NYC go check it out. I insist. Her instillation will be up at gallery hanahou until October 29th. If you cannot make it to her quirky little world, check out her new book. It is on my Christmas list!

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