Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Bad Week for Viper Pilots

Glenna has done an amazing job creating my current sock pattern. She has given me very clear instructions for cables that will turn out perfect little Vipers like this:

However, the one I made over the last week, looks more like this:

For some reason, I just couldn't focus on these very well. The wings have been clipped, and the sides are all battered. There was clearly some rough flying in this ship's recent past. I'm sorry Glenna. I would take responsibility, but this one must be Starbuck's.


Anonymous said...

You'll get it back on track! Lee would forgive you at least. Starbuck would tell you just to have another drink, I think. ;)

Amanda D Allen said...

I think you're right. For Starbuck we drink! Cheers!