Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bo Brite

I am so obsessed with this project that I feel like I've been hiding it from you. I needed to buy some yarn to have the right colors for the Blood Angel Bag so I decided to place a Knit Picks order. Of course, I was just using that as an excuse to order some of their new line Chroma. I have desperately wanted to make a Noro striped scarf ever since I saw Jared's beautiful photos, but I've never picked up the Noro to get it done. With Chroma so accessible, affordable and tempting, I couldn't resist.  I have been incredibly happy with my new yarn.

I had a ridiculously fun time winding this yarn.
Chroma Wound

I got to admire each of those beautiful colors one at a time as they balled up. I was concerned when I wound it up. I am not use to working with a single ply yarn like this one. I started to doubt its strength. I worried with without the extra strands making up the yarn it would just pull apart like unspun fiber. I can assure you that I haven't had any issues like that at all. This yarn does go thick and thin a little bit, but I've been knitting happily along. Now that I'm use to it, I don't doubt it at all. It has been so soft and fluffy running through my fingers. I find myself not knitting and just cuddling.

I cast on 41 stitches for my scarf and I've been addicted to it ever since. Every time I pick it up, I feel like I am just about to start a new color and I cannot wait until I see it.

I've brought it to a couple of knitting groups, and I've almost made it though the first two balls. Not even half way through my yarn, I am currently at 55". I like my scarves really long because I like to be able to wrap them around my neck with a little drape. I'm excited about this one being extra long.  Maybe I'll be abel to wrap it twice.


Priscilla Rathbone said...

What amazing yarn-- where did you find it? That is going to be a beautiful scarf!

Amanda D Allen said...

Thank you, i am very excited about the scarf. I bought the yarn online from Knit Picks