Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow Friday: Daily Squee

From Daily Squee
The Daily Squee is part of the Cheezburger network. This entire site appeals to my love for animals. Well, my love to look at animals (especially when they are looking cute.) I would love to have a cat, and some day I'll convince Hubby that we need a dog. Right now it is not a concern because our apartment is very clear about their no pets policy. Hubby and I even strategically asked* about a kitten right after we had some mouse issues. Despite the recent rodents, we were denied. So, all of those moments that I am missing with my very own pet are made up for with the adorable photos on this site.

*If you are planning to ask for a pet, I suggest you take a look at the strategy of KPiep and her daughter. They are masters of their art ;).

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