Saturday, February 19, 2011

Follow Friday: Ask a Copywriter

From Brian Thompson
From About:
I believe advertising can solve all of the world’s problems.
Well, at least yours.

I like advertising. When I watch TV by myself, I'll rewind the DVR if I've accidentally skipped a commercial I've seen before.  I have once or twice moved to the other end of the subway car so I could read all of the ads in a particular series. I'm not such an avid fan that I stay current with the field or really follow what is new very seriously, but I like this blog because it is just what I want.  Every so often, Brian Thompson will post pictures and videos (with admirably concise commentary that could only come from a copywriter.) What I enjoy the most is that he will post a full (or close to full) series of ads. I may have seen one commercial or walked by one poster and thought it was witty. His posts will have all four of five in the series and by seeing them all, I appreciate the approach (and often the humor) even more.

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