Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cthulhu Dice

From Steve Jackson Games
I have never read any H. P. Lovecraft. For the past year a friend has been exposing me to it via Steve Jackson Games. I still don't know anything about the lore, but now I fear Cthulhu and value my sanity.

If you are interested in losing a little bit of sanity, I recommend Cthulhu Dice. It is a quick, fun game. It will likely drive a little mad, but if you stay sane the longest, you win. The game play is simple. There is one die, and 18 sanity stones. Your dice rolls will determine what happens to the sanity. You could gain some sanity or steal some. You have to be careful though, Cthulhu could take everyone's sanity.

Hubby was given the game for Christmas, and we are both excited about taking it with us to PAX. Hubby was very jealous of our friend's dice bag, so I've set aside the secret knitting to make another one. This one is going to be extra special. Hubby's Chtulhu die is glow in the dark, so he bought me some matching yarn.

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