Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blood Angel Bag Taking Shape

Blood Angel BagThe charting has paid off, and now this back can officially be called a Blood Angel bag. Actually, I am not certain it can be called a bag yet. Since I am just putting one insignia on the bag, I decided to use a trick that I learned from making Cara Key's Alfonso the Monkey pattern. I've knit up a front panel with the emblem on it using intarsia to put on the emblem. Now that that section is done, it will wait until I knit up the rest of the bag. Then I'll rejoin the pieces and work on in the round.  Once the full bag is done, I will mattress stitch the open sides together. I hope this will make two indiscernible seams along the sides of the emblem.

Here is a better look at the rest of the the work I have to do.
Bag UnfinishedI don't think it will take long at all, but I am realizing how much extra purling this method includes.

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