Monday, January 17, 2011

Project Planning

I've just put my Viper Pilots in for their pre-blocking bath. That means it is now time to plan a new project. Instead of making a plan and coming back here to tell you about it, I am going to try to make this a little more stream of consciousness and write as I go through the planning.  I don't know how well it will work, but hopefully, you and I will both get to see how I work when I'm starting something new.  There might be a lot of Ravelry links in this post.  I'll try to note them, but I apologize to any non-Ravers in advance.

To the stash!  I usually go to one of two places when I'm looking for inspiration, my Ravelry queue or my stash.  I've been wanting to knit more out of my stash lately, so I've just pulled everything out of my toy box (yes, I keep my yarn in the toy box that I've had since I was a little girl) that struck me as next project worthy. Now I'm going to go through it one yarn at a time and look at my queue to see if can find the perfect combination.

IMG_1227First up is my Noro Sock yarn.  I just bought this over Thanksgiving as my souvenir Seattle yarn.  I think I want to make some simple socks out of them.  Glenna has a perfect pattern (Rav Link) designed specifically for the yarn that I think would be best. If you had asked me three months ago if I'd be casting on another Glenna pattern as soon as I finished my viper pilots, I'd laugh. Her stuff is beautiful, but intense. This patter, however, is even titled simple and a review of it doesn't include any Ktbl stitches so it is probably safe.

SydneyLeggings 002Next I have some left over Knit Picks Felici. I originally used this to make some leg warmers for Sydney, but I have quite a bit left of each ball.  I thought they would make some adorable toe up ankle socks.  It would be a simple project with some quick gratification.

I've also got just over 2 balls of Knit Picks Andean Silk left over.  I've used this for my Francis and a pair of mittens. I don't have a project picked out for this, so I'm going to queue to see what I currently have in there that needs knitting. Hats and cowls are what I'm seeing. I like Coline, Ribbed for Your Warmth (PDF), Fenimore, and Bas Relief Hat. I don't have any tams and I have a complete knitter crush on Jared Flood so if I go with this yarn I may just have to do Fenimore.

Next up, I have 8 balls of Rowan Cashsoft in a beautiful shimmery grey.  In the queue that may work for this is the Austin Hoodie, Myrtle Cardigan (Rav Link), Folded (Rav Link), and Dulce de Leche. The amount of yarn I have would be cutting it close for a few of those.  I think my favorite would be the Myrtle Cardigan.  I wouldn't have to worry about the yarn, and the lace cardigan would let me brighten up the grey color with whatever I'm wearing underneath.

Digging in my toy box, I also found Reid. This is an adorable Knitty pattern that I started in May of 2009.  I wanted to make it just because it is so darn cute, but since I don't have anyone to make it for or any sort of deadline, it has been untouched for a long time.  I'm on row 56 of 70 for the final sleeve.  It just needs to be blocked, seamed and edged once that is done.  Not much work at all to make this an FO.  I still have no idea who I'd give it to though.

Speaking of unloved WIPs, I also have a feather weight cardigan hibernating. Before I can work on this again seriously, I will have to figure out why there are two sets of needles in the bag.

I have two skeins of Knit Picks Imagination that I need to come up with a new project for.  I originally bought them for socks, but I think I want them to be repurposed.  I have a pair of Imagination socks that I love.  They are like  having a teddy bear cuddle with your feet all day.  They have slightly felted so they are perfectly form fitted to my feet, but they are a little too thick for my shoes and shed quite a bit. Besides this yarn should be admired more than my feet. I recently gave away my Hibiscus Shawl, so maybe another wrap would be nice.  My queue has a lot of great things, but I want to keep it simple since the yarn is so colorful.  I think Multnomah (PDF), Simple Things, Gaenor, Linen Stitch Scarf, and the Sango Shawl, would work well. The last two would prevent pooling, but the first three would really show off the yarn.  I torn on this one.

That's a lot, so I'm going to revisit and I'll throw the projects into a poll just so I can learn how to do that. Why do you tell me what project you think would be good.

What do you like?
Seattle Socks
Stripy Ankle Socks
Purple Fenimore
Grey Myrtle Cardigan
Finish Reid
Finish Feather Weight Cardigan
Undetermined Shawl free polls

That took longer than I expected, but now I think my socks are done bathing and ready to be blocked. Hopefully I'll have pictures this week!


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