Monday, January 10, 2011

Viper Pilots Continued

Back in the beginning of November, my one and only goal was to finish my Viper Pilots. I started them on my Christmas train ride to Chicago in 2009. I really didn't want these to be on the needles for a full year. Shortly after that, I decided that I absolutely had to knit Grandpa some socks. So, I didn't accomplish my goal. Those Viper Pilots are still on the needles.


Not only are they on the needles, they actively being worked on. They are my purse project, so I work on them in the subway everyday. (That sounds like a lot.) With all the cables and the twisted stitches, that means I average just over one row a day. (That doesn't sound like nearly as much.) I am knitting them two at a time. (That's sounds like twice as fast!) I think that after just one more viper pattern repeat, I will be able to start the toes. The FO is in sight!

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