Sunday, January 23, 2011


Reid is pinned down. Over the course of knitting various project, I have learned a lot. Finishing this project really made clear what that I hadn't learned when I started. Two of them became very evident today.  First, I usually highlight the size instructions or take notes on my pattern now.  I hadn't done that for this project, so when pinning these down for blocking, I had no idea which set of measurements I was supposed to use.  I easily could have pinned these at the largest size listed, but then I ran into issue number two.  I did not use a very stretchy bind off for the first four pieces of this sweater. So, restricted by the edges, it looks like this will be a long medium.

For the fun of reference, here is the lace pattern opened up:
Reid Blocked


Lissa said...

The pattern looks gorgeous, and your blocking is lovely! I may steal your technique for my Francis Revisited sweater, as those "puzzle pieces" look perfectly sized for breaking down and storing in a city apartment.

Amanda D Allen said...

Thank you! I love my blocking pieces. Hubby got me the ones from Knit Picks, but I've heard that you can buy pretty much the same thing (in bright fun colors) at the toy section of most stores.
They come apart and take up almost no space on my book shelf, and I'm able to put them together in different ways so I can block something big and square or long and skinny.

Lupie said...

I have kid knitting blocks but I think my granddaughter will take those so I will be ordering the knit picks ones.

Amanda D Allen said...

I think the perfect ones would include a grid on it with inch squares like a quilting board. So long as they didn't chip off or distort too easily. I haven't seen any like that though.