Friday, January 7, 2011

Follow Friday: Knitty Blog

If you don't tweet, you may not know what Follow Friday is. It is not that hard to figure out, but I've decided start it as a regular feature on my blog. I am going to go through my blog roll and share with you who I follow in my RSS feed.

From the Knitty Blog about section:
This is the blog for Knitty magazine, which lives on the web at

The four women that make Knitty happen write about things here. We write about Knitty and Knittyspin, and more often, about whatever else we think is interesting. Or silly. Or both. You can tell who’s written a post by looking next to the date.

I follow Knitty because of their obvious awesomeness. Knitty is my favorite online magazine. The tutorials are fantastic and their patterns are always fun. Their blog is just as wonderful. They are of course a go-to source for what is happening in the fiber world. They have some fun contests and giveaways. I trust them to share with me the latest and greatest yarn bombs. Their posts are full of fantastic pictures (many of which are drool worthy yarns and fibers.) If you didn't know that the ladies of Knitter were blogging, please go check them out.

Twitter Bonus: @knittydotcom

Edited to add Twitter account.

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