Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Bro Blanket

Bro BlanketI have gotten my very first knitting request! My awesome little bro (who is quite a bit taller than me, but little none the less) asked me to knit him a blanket. I love him, and I couldn't tell him no, but since it is such a big endeavor, I told him that he had to get involved in the planning. I sent him a bunch of links to patterns and made him help me pick out the yarn. I had sent him a link to a Woolly Thoughts pattern and while he was on their site, he settled on the Curve of Pursuit. Hubby is jealous because he asked for one of these back in 2008 when I was considering it for a girlfriend. My bro gets his because it turns out I can be bought (for a blanket's worth of yarn.)

When I did the practice piece for this blanket, I was worried that it would be miserable because of all the ends since the yarn is broken after each triangle is knit. Fortunately, Owen's blanket taught me to sew in my ends along the way. This was my vacation project over Christmas, and I'm happy to say this was the perfect knit for the holidays. It is all knit stitches, but you have to pay just a little of attention. It is easy to work on while watching football or chatting with the family. It also carries enough impressiveness to wow the people who only see my knitting once a year. The best part though is the geeky little tidbits that I got to share when people asked me about it. It turns out this blanket (like a lot of the Woolly Thoughts patterns) is mathematically fantastic! Here is one of the cool little quirks about this pattern: When you finish any square (four of the triangles) you can weigh the blanket and you will need half that weight in yarn to complete the next square. (How cool is that!?!)

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