Thursday, January 20, 2011

Queued: Knitted Kaleidocycles

When I decided to start blogging every day, I new I would run out of catching up on FOs and WIPs.  All along I've had a plan.  I am starting reoccurring feature called Queued.  Unlike Follow Friday, I don't have a set schedule for these posts. To be completely honest, I am going to write one of these when I don't have anything else I want to update about.  Today for example, I am still wrapped up in secret knitting and I cant tell you anything about it. As I mentioned my goal is to just write regularly, so I am introducing Queued.  In these posts, I will be showing off a pattern from my Ravelry queue.  I'll write about why I like it and hopefully feature some other knitter's projects that I find inspiring.  My queue currently has 960 projects and it's growing.  Let the project parade begin!

From Brent Annable
Knitted Kaleidocycles was designed by Brent Annable. This is a fantastic little toy that I am certain could mesmerize me for hours.  Hubby has already requested one (or more) for his desk.  I think it could be soothing to have on hand at work.  I also think that Dad would enjoy one as well.  Really anyone who likes to fiddle with things would probably enjoy one of these.  Fiddly toys are rarely as soft and cuddly as hand knits so this one this one gets extra points.

If you haven't seen this pattern before, you are probably wondering why I am using words like mesmerizing and soothing and talking about fiddling.  Well, you will just have to see them in action. This video is from the designer and it will show you how great these really are.

What do you think?  Are you hooked?  I agree with Brent, I'd like to pick one up and just give it a turn.

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Lupie said...

So cool!!! I think I may have to try to make one.