Monday, October 6, 2008

Francis is...

Francis is soft.
Francis is purple.
Francis is fuzzy.
Francis is warm.
Francis is finished!
Francis is perfect.

As you can see, I am happy with this FO. The pattern was clear and easy to follow. She knit up really fast, and she is so comfy to wear. It did take a while to dry though. The cowl neck was still damp long after the rest of the sweater had dried.

Here is a better look at the sweater.

It fits me well. It goes great with a skirt, slacks, and jeans. I used Andean Silk in Imperial, and I have a feeling I'll be making myself more with this yarn. More what you ask? More anything it was just all around great to work with. It did shed a little bit while I was wearing it today, but nothing at all compared to the CotLin top I made.

If I had to change anything, I think I might have knit it at a different gauge. I had mentioned that I thought this sweater would need an undershirt and I was right. I've had a lot of store bought sweaters that did the same thing as this one. It is not much of a problem. Neither my hubby nor I noticed it while we were out and about taking pictures, but as you can see in this picture there is a bit of seethoughness. I think that a tighter gauge would help this at least a little, but I have no idea how it might affect the drape of the fabric. Despite me saying I would make that change, I probably would have pushed the project off until I had some more sweater confidence before I reworked all of that math.


the secret knitter said...

Very nice job. Sweaters are still beyond me, so I'm impressed.

Jenn said...

How lovely! I'd love to knit one up :)

Amanda D Allen said...

Thanks so much! I am really proud of this one. The pattern was wonderfully simple. I think you should make one Jenn. It would look a little odd on you Mark, but I'd support you anyway :). Seriously though, guys' sweaters could be even easier because they are much squarer (that is not at all a word) than women's sweaters.

Christopher Tripp said...

Ok..that does it! I'm coming to NY and doing a photoshoot with you!!!

Amanda D Allen said...

Hehe! Do I get to knit a new sweater for it?

Christopher Tripp said...

You can knit one if you want. I am just coming to take a pic of you. You are too damn photogenic for your own good, and its time I used your beautiful image to promote my skills.:)