Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Last night the Yarn Harlot was in Brooklyn. I had never read any of Stephanie's books, but I've been reading her blog since before I knew how to knit. I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to see her speak and get my hands on her new book. The Barns and Noble that I was headed for was in Park Slope. Since Park Slope was home base during our apartment hunt last year, I figured I could handle it. Nope. I got off the subway and walked almost 15 blocks in the wrong direction. I managed to turn around and find my way. I missed out on the leisure reading time that I had planned, but I wasn't late for the reading. (As you all know, I like to leave plenty of cushion time for these very reasons.)

She gave a great talk about what she goes though making a book, and how when you add knitting to something it no longer the same. (Specifically, a book about knitting, becomes a knitting book, even if it is a book of essays and not patterns.) Then she read an essay from her new book on knitting and self-esteem. Finally she answered some questions. Then we all lined up to have our books signed. Over a year ago she came in contact with the Charity Blanket that I worked on. If I was thinking straight, I would have given her an update, but it didn't occur to me until after I got home.

As I waited in line I received the greatest compliment I could ever imagine. A knitter told me that she was debating with herself over whether or not my sweater was store bought. To have my sweater mistaken for store bought by anybody is incredible, but to have a knitter consider it is almost overwhelmingly flattering. Then when I got up to her table, the Yarn Harlot herself gave me a compliment. I mentioned that I was proud of it because it was my first project with sleeves. That earned me a spot on her blog! I have no idea what snork means but clearly I'm famous now. I may not be Kinneared any time soon, but it is a compliment that I will be proud of for a long time.

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Donna B. said...

I believe the snork is due to the fact that the tradition is showing the Harlot your first socks. Your choice to show her your first sleeves is a clever variation on the standard, the humor thereof causing her to snort milk out of her nose.