Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rolling Along

We've been a little under the weather here. It has increased the sleeping quite a bit, and decreased the knitting a little. No worries though, the productivity has still been way up there. I finished the socks for my brother in-law and started a much deserved pair for myself. I also cast on a lace project and made myself a headband.

For tonight, I'll just share the finished socks with you. This isn't the best photo, but it will have to do. These are a tad too long for me so I don't make a very good model for them and they are no where near as long as hubby's feet, so he's not allowed to try them on. When I put them on, the pattern shows up better than they do on my sock blockers. In addition to the lack of foot models hanging around, we've also had rainy weather and a lack of sunshine for lighting. The pattern is Earl Grey, and I went all crazy with yarn colored Ash. The pattern was simple, and the color far from extravagant, but they are exactly what I wanted. I mentioned when I cast them on that I wasn't certain my BIL would want or appreciate hand knit socks. So my goal was tasteful, and what ever the male version of elegant is. I wanted them to be easy to like for the recipient, and I wanted them to be easy to make to ease my frustration in a worst case scenario. These socks were all of those things, and a real pleasure to make. It was close to mindless knitting (which is good for someone with a head full of cold) but there was still enough going on that the FO is something special that I am excited to gift. I've also been assured by my hubby that I'm allowed to beat his brother up if he doesn't like them. I doubt it will come to that though, since he's on the opposite side of the country. It does make me question whether or not I'd want hubby to be my big brother.

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