Sunday, October 12, 2008

For My Home

I have no idea when I started this little bag minder, but it is now finished. This has been the mindless little project that sits on my desk waiting to be mindlessly worked on while I play video games or my computer loads YouTube videos. I know it has been there for at least a few weeks, but if I had actually worked on it with any concentration at all it probably should have only taken a couple hours. This bag is much smaller than the pattern calls for, but I wanted a small one. I used some left over DK yarn instead of worsted and the mesh section is only about six inches instead of twelve.

At our old apartment we kept our plastic bags in a spare garbage can. (It was suppose to be the recycling can, but we never kept the recycling in the apt long enough to worry about collecting it in the can. Over time it became the plastic bag can.) We had so many plastic bags when we moved out that they were a primary packing material. I never want to deal with that many plastic bags again, and now that I bring bags to the store, we don't have many extras to worry about.

This is my second bag minder. I made the first one just like the pattern is written. I had some Red Heart for it and everything, but it was just too big. The cabinet doors under my sink don't hang straight so I knew that I wanted my bag minder off that little knob, and a foot and a half long bag minder just doesn't fit there. Instead that one is hanging from the wire rack above my dryer. I keep all of my cleaning rags in it. It was a great way to clear up some shelf space. Since space is such a hard thing to come by in my area of the country, I'd be surprised if this is my last bag minder.

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