Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In All Fairness

You may have noticed that when i was trying to pick out a blanket pattern, I liked to keep things equal. There were three pros and two cons for each, and quirky videos for both. So, it shouldn't be surprising that when debating over my scarf project, I couldn't resist knitting up a bit of the other pattern so that I could make a fair judgment on my scarf. I knit up some of the Holding Hands, and Feeding Ducks pattern, and it is beautifully obvious that this pattern and yarn were meant for each other. As much as I want one, I can't in good conscious go back to palindrome now that I've seen the yarn worked up like this. It is ok though, because I realize I've been going about this all wrong. A knitter only having one scarf could be considered just as scandalous as a knitter without any scarves. Instead of making the yarn I have fit the pattern I want, I really should just be out hunting for some more yarn. Last time I was there, Patricia's had some beautiful tweedy Rowan that I think would be incredible for a cabled scarf.

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