Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hibiscus Shawl

Pattern: Hibiscus Shawl by Laura Chau (Rav Link)
Knit Picks Gloss Sock Yarn in Bordeaux
Needles: US 6 (4.0 mm)
Notes: I had a lot of trouble with this pattern. I generally like to trust the pattern. Honestly, I don't have the confidence in my knitting prowess or my ability to visualize the instructions as I read them to do much more than have faith that it will all work out in the end. Most of the time (as long as I scour the internet for errata before I begin) this faith has served me well. This project changed all of that.
I really wanted this shawl.
I thought it was cute and it was going to be the perfect use of some yarn that was already in my stash. Most importantly, I work with my back to a large drafty window on the shadow side of my building. I've been wanting a shawl that will stay on my shoulders and warm my back for a long time. So, I was just as eager to cast off this project as I was to cast it on. I was zipping through this project until about half-way though the flower when things just stopped working. The lace on the far side of the flower just wouldn't line up like it was supposed to. I ripped back a few rows and tried it again. Still not right. I ripped out the entire flower and started it over. More frustration. I ended up ripping out the entire project and starting it again. I got a little bit of guidance from Ravelry, but mostly I just made changes as I went along. Here are the edits I made:
Row 74: Decrease extra stitch with RT right after flower
Row 78: Knit 8 instead of 9
Row 88: Knit 24
If you've got a good eye, you can see that there is still a row (maybe 2) that are off in the lace pattern after the flower. By the point I noticed it, I wasn't certain if it was my mistake or the pattern's and I was not patient enough to go back. Despite that minor problem (nobody notices but me) I love my first triangular wrap. No one has come out and told me that I look like an old lady when I wear it, but it wouldn't matter if they did. I never have to fuss with it to keep it on (unlike my Clapotis which has been permanently declared a scarf.) If I turn it around and wrap it around my neck, it is the perfect shape to fill in V opening of my coat and any cold from sneaking in. I'm sold! Have you discovered the joys of a triangular shawl?

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