Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Clapotis

I've been working on a super secret project, so I can't tell you much about it. I only have a little be of I-cord and some grafting before it is done. Since it is a gift for a non-knitting friend you can check it out if you are a member of Ravelry.

But I'm not going to leave you completely hanging. I have some FO pictures of my Clapotis. It has been raining all day, so we didn't get to go out and actually have any fun taking pictures, but don't let my sour face fool you, I absolutely love my Clapotis.

When I first saw pictures of this pattern on the internet, it seemed like it would be too bulky for my tastes as a scarf. When I started making this one, it wasn't because I was looking to make a scarf. Rather, I wanted a light weight, workhorse type wrap that I could leave in my office for the days when the heater isn't working. I figured instead of filling up my purse on the way to work Monday, I would just wear it as a scarf. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it doesn't feel bulky at all. Instead of bulk, it is cuddly, and the extra width allows me to adjust it to cover what ever may be cold. I can pull it up over my head, or I can stretch it out to fill in the V-neck of my coat. Of course, I can also throw it over my shoulders. ( I don't need it to keep my shoulder warm when I have my coat on, but I was taking pictures to show off its versatility.) I wore it Monday morning to work so that I would have it in the office this week, and I wore it around the city Friday evening and brought it home so I could take pictures this weekend. In this little bit of time, I've become smitten. I feel a little bit of longing when I leave it at work because I'd rather be cuddling up with it at home. I guess, I will just have to make another one.

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in Campfire and Sunset Heather
Needles: US 7 (4.5mm)
Notes: Instead of a heavier weight yarn, I used two strands of lace weight held together.


Loveanewidea said...

Congratulations on finishing this project - love the color. And, very nice LinkWithin...looks great!

cornchowder said...

oooh I love the Clapotis~ and the colors... pretty~~
I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Check my blog.

Lupie said...

It is beautiful as a scarf and a shawl as well.