Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things

Facebook has been e-mailing me frequently over the past week to share 25 random thing about all of my friends with me. Now it is my turn to share.

1. I feel independent because I don't have caffeine everyday to keep me going.
2. I have once again found myself in the situation that I wish I didn't work for my boss so she could be my friend.
3. I'm an animation snob (according to Hubby)
4. When I read, I make the face that the character is making as the author describes it (example: if the character furrows his brow, so do I) I have batted my eyes, wiggled my ears, shrugged my shoulders, flared my nose, forced my lip to twitch, and displayed a crazy array of emotions just in the past few weeks, and I've done this all my life. I've never caught anyone watching me read, but I wouldn't blame them for thinking I'm crazy.
5. I get blisters on my feet absurdly easily.
6. I am a creature of habit. I like my routine very much partly because it is comfortable and predictable, and partly because when I plan to break from the routine, it seems extra special.
7. The one thing I really want to do before I die is be the voice of a cartoon character.
8. Kilimanjaro Safari is my favorite ride at Disney World.
9. When I was 15 I wanted to change my name. I can't remember what to, only that it also started with an A.
10. I love buying office supplies.
11. At one point in time, I had 5 different jobs.
12. Even though I now live in one of the greatest shopping cities in the world, I like shopping online because I like getting packages in the mail.
13. Every morning I listen to yesterday's news on my iPod because today's news podcast isn't ready to download when I leave for the bus.
14. I never expected to enjoy knitting when I started. I just wanted to keep my hands busy so I wouldn't fall asleep on road trips with Hubby.
15. I want a Kindle, but I can't see me affording one for awhile.
16. There is a handful of people that I wish I could just transplant so they are living near me without completely disrupting their lives.
17. I believe that my biggest flaw is that I hold grudges, but because it developed out of self-defense, I'm not eager to fix it.
18. My favorite movie is Monsters Inc.
19. I've always wanted to be thought of as quirky, but there is only one person who has ever used that word to describe me.
20. I brush my hair with a wooden comb.
21. I hate driving. I've never liked it and I am ecstatic to be dependent on public transportation now. Though I admit my high school year would have been different if I knew how excited I was going to be about selling my car. She was good to me, and I just didn't give her the love she deserved.
22. I think Mythbusters may be my favorite tv show (I think I need update that on my facebook profile.)
23. I love cute socks. I wear them as often as possible. I find the the idea of getting to knit them myself very exciting, up until I remember how long it takes me to knit socks. ( I won't let that stand in my way though.)
24. I have discovered Bailey's Ice cream from Haagan Dazs, and I think it just might be edible heaven.
25. My cell phone is at least 5 years old and doesn't even have a camera.

If you find these things fun, please take this as a tag and share about yourself on your blog or facebook profile. If you are not so into these, I promise some knitting content tomorrow after the sun comes up and I can take some pictures. Here's a teaser:


Loveanewidea said...

Loved reading your 25 Things! I'm with you on the cell phone...mine's old too, and NO camera. How DO we manage???

Here are my 25 Things:

ashpags said...

I do #4 too! I've always thought it would be funny to watch me read. ;)