Sunday, February 8, 2009

This one is for Rikki

This is another note I was tagged in on Facebook. I read though the first couple questions and stopped knowing that I wouldn't be able to fill it out until this weekend. I didn't want to over analyze my answers.

Instructions: Clear your mind. Answer the questions with the first answer that comes to your mind. After each question, explain your rationale for said answer. Enjoy! You have to chose one... so don't try and cheat and choose an option that isn't there.

1. You just jumped out of an airplane. On your way down, would you rather collide with a pelican or a remote controlled airplane? A pelican

Rationale: Because in my animated imagination the pelican would catch me in its mouth and then it would fly me to safety (maybe to the island of misfit toys or some other fantastic place)

2. While playing Oregan Trail, you come to a river. Do you pay the Indian to guide you across or try to ford it yourself? Pay the Indian guide

Rationale: Because I don't know if chickens are good swimmers

3. Albania has captured you in their effort to take over the world. You have to choose between two vials. One has chronic bad breath that no breath mint or medicine can sustain. The other has genital warts. Which do you choose? (Turns out, Albania is mean) Bad breath

Rationale: Because bad breath wouldn't make my tongue itch.

4. You are sitting in a restaurant and the waiter behind you seems to lose his balance. He is carrying hot coffee and a cup of water that has dirty silverware and food bits in it. Which would you rather go sliding down your back? Dirty silverware water

Rationale: I hate burns

5. Betty White knocks on your door. She tells you she is the host of a new reality tv show and she wants you to be on it. As you are the first contestant, you get to choose the theme of the show. She is between a Survivor theme, or a Tiny House theme (remember the Geico commercial). Which do you choose? Tiny House!

Rationale: Then I won't be nearly as picky when I use the money I've won to buy my NYC apartment.

6. Uh oh! North America, Europe, and Asia no longer exist! There is free transportation to either South America or Africa (Antarctica and Australia and under protest)... where do you go? Africa

Rationale: Because Giraffes are my favorite animal, and I could so get a job chasing monkeys out of farms.

7. You just won the Rosetta Stone Sweepstakes! You will be fluent in another language in 6 months! Oh snap! Now, you must choose between Turkish and Dutch! (Because that's all they are offering for free... you should have paid attention when you signed up for the sweepstakes) Which do you choose? Dutch

Rationale: because I've been to the Netherlands, and they were incredible people.

8. London bridge is falling down! Falling down! Falling down! Would you rather be on it or under it when it falls? On it

Rationale: Because dangling by one arm is a sure sign of damsel in distress and it will facilitate my super hero rescue.

9. Aliens have attacked. They take you into a small room. They explain to you that they are not looking to harm you, they just need to change your skin color. You can choose between caution cone orange or baby poop green. Baby poop green

Rationale: I just might look ok with my red hair, besides there is no natural camouflage benefits to cone orange.

10. You have been sentenced to death. Bummer. But, they have told you that they will let you free if you can eat a bowl of bugs. This is not a cereal bowl of bugs. This is like a popcorn bowl full of bugs. Now choose your bugs... maggots or dung beetles? Maggots

Rationale: I'm hoping they'd be smaller and slide down faster (less crunching)

This was a lot of odd fun. Thanks Rikki for making it up.

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