Sunday, March 1, 2009

FO: Hubby's Hat

Secret project update: All of the knitting is done. I have some unusual finishing to do and then I can send it off to the recipients. Once I get confirmation from them that they've gotten it, I can tell you all about it.

Ever since Hubby started doing the grocery shopping, I've been wanting to make him a hat. The store is not far from our apartment, and the walk there is a really nice one along the water. However, being along the water is a bit windy and it can get pretty chilly. When Hubby mentioned that he had been pulling his scarf over his head so that it covered his ears instead of his neck, I knew he was in need of some urgent knitted attention.

I couldn't decide between the Armando hat or the Koolhaas hat so I let Hubby decide. Without hesitation he requested the "KoolAss" hat so I cast on right away. While I started it with the though of him wearing it on the promenade near the apartment, I quickly started to think about him wearing it in the city. The reason is, the designer, Jarod Flood, lives in Brooklyn, and I work in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a pretty big place, especially compared to other places I've lived and worked. The chances of Hubby running into Jarod (we're really not on a first name basis, I'm taking liberties) are fairly unlikely. Despite that, I can't help but wonder what it would be like for Jarod in that situation. New York has a lot of knitters, and Koolhaas is a pretty popular pattern with 3,176 projects currently listed on Ravelry. What would it be like for him to run into a stranger wearing one? Would he say, "Hi, nice hat," or would he smile to himself and continue on his way. How different would that interaction be when he found out that the stranger was loved by a knitter rather than being the knitter themselves?

How would Hubby react if some stranger came up and said, "Dude, did you make that hat? I designed the pattern. That's so cool"? I guess it is not too hard to imagine Hubby's reaction (especially since I know him so much better than Mr. Flood). He'd say something like, "Hey, thanks. My wife made it. I've sworn off cabling since I made this scarf." (Which he'd undoubtedly be wearing proudly.)

What would your reaction be if you saw a stranger on the street who was wearing/holding/using something that you designed?

Pattern: Koolhaas Hat by Jarod Flood
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Onyx Heather
Needles: US 6 (4.0mm)
Notes: No alterations or changes at all. This is a very warm hat.

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