Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guest Blogger: Hubby

Today's post is by my newest knitting convert about his first FO. The pattern was Palindrome, and the yarn was Wool Pak New Zealand 14ply.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there lived a fiber artist. This artist was talented and incredible, able to fashion the fibers of the world into creations unimaginably soft and warm. This post is not about that artist however, it's supposed to be about me, and my first knitting project.

This scarf was a pain in the backside, and easily the most difficult project I have ever knit so far. I found it surprisingly difficult to count to two over and over and over again without losing my place for a good part of the project. I discovered that while knitting during TV shows can be a great distraction from what is actually going on on the screen, I tend to become more enthralled with the lives of the fictional characters than the rough fibers in my lap. Commercials would fade quickly into the background as I would try and remember
what my next stitch was supposed to be.

Amanda says that this wasn't really a beginner project because it has something called reversible cables. It found that it was mainly just knit two, purl two though from beginning to end with a little cussing and straining every six rows as I imagined the thread breaking from all the stretching and fumbling with the little cable needle. I was told repeatedly that this was supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable activity, and I guess that I haven't perfected that part of the process quite yet... The scarf seems to have turned out roughly scarf-like though and I imagine that it will serve the purpose of keeping my neck warm better than the cake-shaped chunk of yarn that I started with would have.

Where should I go next with my knitting adventures? I thought perhaps a blanket, but from what I hear global warming will make them obsolete by the time I could possibly finish something that size. Perhaps a wash cloth or cell phone cover would be a more approachable project for my second foray into the exciting and relaxing world of knitting fun.


Anonymous said...

Lovely scarf! I finished my own Palindrome a couple of months ago, although I didn't experience the issue with counting to two along the way.


the secret knitter said...

Being such a new knitter, a blanket might be too big of a project/take too long. How about a hat? They're relatively fast and should be no problem after a cabled scarf.

Lupie said...

Hubby is too cute!