Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Days

My first two days of work were generally fantastic. I say generally, because the job seems great and the people were wonderful, but there were some bad luck things that overwhelmed my Monday. When I arrived the heater wasn't working. All of my professional clothes (that fit) were bought in Arkansas. It is an understatement to say that wasn't prepared to work in an old building with drafty windows and a broken heater at the end of December. I carried on with my paperwork in my bright blue fingerless mitts. I need to make another pair that is a bit more professional. I have some beautiful dark gray Frog Tree Alpaca that I think will do just the trick. By the afternoon the heat was on, and the knitwear was put away. The other crazy thing that happened, was when I tried to turn my computer on, it just wouldn't go. We got some IT guys to our office, and they started talking to each other about a trojan. Then they opened up my CPU, and took my hard drive. They said it was failing and they would save what they could. I didn't have anything on there, but I got the sense from my coworkers that there was stuff we'd like to keep. They brought it back and said they saved most of it. I hope I didn't loose anything important, but at this point, I wouldn't even know if I did.

Other than that, everything was fantastic. Things were quite so I was able to start to learn my way around and get to know my coworkers. My commute is about an hour and a half each way. I haven't really judged whether I'll be knitting or not yet. Right now there are parts that I could easily knit during, but right now a lot of people are on holiday vacations. It will probably be after the New Year before I get a real sense of how crowded my commute will be. Podcasts or reading are definitely a go though, so I'll never be bored.

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