Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Babe

Monday was Hubby's birthday, so we spent a couple days all about him. As I finished knitting up the frogged parts of his socks this weekend, I was getting ready to cast on for my cardigan. That's when he started making the comments. "Can I try on your fingerless mitts?" "These are really nice; I like these a lot." "You know if you really wanted to make me something, I wouldn't mind a pair of these." As it turns out I am extremely flattered by, and highly susceptible to people who want my knitting. I'm also pretty incapable of turning him down just two days before his birthday.

So, I pulled out a random ball of Nashua Creative Focus Superwash, and dedicated myself to turning out a pair of Dashing mitts for him. I really like this pattern, but I think I may have made them too small. I kept knitting up a few inches and then asking him to try them on because they seemed so big. He would slip his arm though, and sure enough the cuff would look huge on him. I ended up going down three needle sizes (I normally only go down one or two to get gauge) and switching to the small size. The cuff started to look normal on him, so I went though with the mitts only to learn that the cable really tightens them up. This pair is tight enough that I'd be comfortable wearing them, but he says he likes them like that so that's the way they will stay. I really should get a better picture of them (preferably on his wrists), but we've had very little sunlight the past few days. I'm not too bothered by it because yesterday we had snow, but it hasn't been great for picture taking.

For those of you who are WoWers like us, you can check out the stats on his new gloves. They are for a shaman healer.

Wow Item Creator!

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