Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ad: Verizon

I am not a channel surfer. I think this is due to two things. First, my cable provider allows me to see what is on all of the channels without leaving the one I am watching, so I never feel like I am missing something better. Second, and I think more importantly, I like commercials. I don't want to go peek at the other channels during those breaks, because I want to see the ads. Like everyone else, I get sick of them by the time they are done running, but I really appreciate the creativity and art that goes in to many of them. I also love the earnestness of the ones that are obviously locally made with almost no budget. Since moving, I've become a big fan of the West New York commercials where my mayor sits down with some one famous (to date it has been Christopher Columbus and Santa Clause) and tells me to come shop in West New York over the holiday. I wish some one had it up on YouTube so I could share it with you. I can't wait to hear the words, "I'm Mayor Sal Vega, and I'm here with the Easter Bunny to tell you...."

Anyway, the holidays are a great time for ads and I have been loving this one:

It is a fantastically simple and visual way to convey their message. My opinion doesn't mean much, but I approve.


Lupie said...

I think someone should have told him to smile.

Amanda D Allen said...

You mean Mayor Vega? I agree. He was all business about Christmas.