Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Accomplishment

This Sunday, Hubby and I completed the entire New York Times Crossword puzzle. I've completed crosswords before, but never the NYT Sunday puzzle. I give it a shot every weekend. I start buy filling in every everything that comes to me easily. Then I mark the ones that I know I don't know anything about like the middle name of the 1950's singer who I've never heard of or the baseball player who hit the final home run in a certain world series. I look these ones up on the Internet (and in the process usually spend an hour or two following random Wikipedia links and learning something). Finally, I really set to work trying to figure them out with the letters and clues that I have. Eventually, I set it aside to check against next week's paper. My goal is usually more to enjoy the thought game then to actually complete the puzzle.

This week, I got well over half the puzzle done by the time I was ready to set it down which is pretty uncommon for me. I was so proud, I took it to show Hubby and boast, and he started pointing out a couple that he knew. The ones he knew helped me with others, and those further helped him, and after a little bit of guessing we had it filled in. I couldn't wait until next weekend to find out how we did, so I filled in the one online and checked it. We had every single letter right!

I'm doing pretty good on my knitting accomplishments too. I'm still on track to finish the sleeves of my cardigan today or tomorrow. Which means I should be able to seam it up this weekend and decide if I should rip it out or press on. But first, maybe a quick game of Sudoku.

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