Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gifts for Knitters

Are you wondering what to get for the knitter you adore? Trying to figure out how to give a gift that shows you really appreciate the years of warm socks, sweaters, hats, and mittens that you've been blessed with by having a knitter in your life? Well, as the holiday gets closer, knitters are taking a break from their frantic last minute gifts to share some of the things that they asked Santa for.

Interweave Press has a great little bit of everything bundle.

Lime and Violet writers have been contributing their goodies lists.

The Yarn Harlot talks about just how much beautiful tools are appreciated.

As I come across more suggestions, I'll add them in. Share what you want for Christmas in the comments section.

I was spoiled with some yarn money to dedicate to a project just for me, and I've got big plans for it already.

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RiaRe said...

Where do I buy the yarn to make the "litte feet" dishcloth? What type of yarn is it?

My email address is: if you want to respond there.