Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Stuff

I finished the I-cord border on the log-cabin-like diaper pad. So it is officially finished and I'm going to send it out the expecting parents who just found out that it's a boy!
I'm thinking it will be useful despite its smaller size. A diaper pad now, and a metal bleacher cover in a couple years at the little league games.

I also quickly whipped up a Baby Feet dishcloth for a friend's sister. She just had a beautiful little girl. While, we (the sister and I) are not very close, I know that if I had lived in Florida for more than just a few months we would have been like family. I wanted to do just a little something to congratulate her.
This was a fun knit with my first ever bobbles. I'm generally not a fan of bobbles. (I think it has to do with a bobbled sweater that I was given as a young girl that had horribly placed bobbles and lead to lots of ridicule the one scarring day that I wore it.) This sweater is the only other bobble pattern that I have ever considered making, and it still hasn't made it all the way to my Ravelry queue. For this pattern however, I think they are absolutely adorable as little baby toes and I will probably make it again.

I finished it at the knitting group last night, and I was asked why I knit dishcloths. I was the wrong person to ask because I've only knit three of them to date. I can see some of the appeal though. They are useful, and cute. They are super quick so they make instant gratification projects. Beyond that, there are so many dishcloth patterns out there, that I can't imagine them ever becoming boring. I can also see them making fantastically specialized gifts. On the other hand, I am starting to have my fill of cotton. When I am working with cotton, I miss the give and forgiveness of wool. Do you knit dishcloths? What do you like or dislike about them?


RiaRe said...

Amanda, Such beautiful work. Your knitting is awesome.


RiaRe said...

I absolutely love the dishcloth. Would you mind sharing your pattern?? That is something that I would not think of doing and I absolutely cannot find a dishcloth that really fits my kitchen theme.

Take care!

the secret knitter said...

Dishcloths are quick, and they can be a fast, less fussy way to learn a new technique. Plus, who can't use them?

Delilah said...

I think the dishcloth is adorable. The baby toes really are too cute! I so need to learn to knit!

Lupie said...

I don't think I would make a dishcloth but the patterns are so great I have thought of making the squares and putting them together to make a baby blanket.

RiaRe said...

Need to know what type of yarn you used.