Tuesday, March 24, 2009


One of the women working on Martha's show is from Hoboken, so when she was preparing for the special Yarn episode, and she discovered the Hoboken SnB, she made sure we were invited.  I wasn't going to pass up such a unique opportunity, so I took the day off and headed into Hoboken to meet up with the group.  

We all wanted good seats, so we headed in early, really early.  We made it to the studio with no problems, so we had about an hour and half to wait in line before they would let us in.  The weather was great, there was free coffee, coco and breakfast foods, the company was wonderful, 
and of course, we were surrounded by knitting, so standing in line was actually great fun.  

Once inside the studio, we waited in a nice seating area for further instructions.  There, we were taught how to clap, cheer, aww, yumm, and laugh. We waited for a bit more, chatted with other knitters, and admired all of the incredible projects that people brought along.

Shortly before the taping started, they herded us into the room where all the magic was going to happen, and we waited some more.  None of us minded.  We all had our knitting, and the music was fun.  The crew were constantly complimenting us on what a great audience we were since we all had out WIPs to keep us occupied.  After a refresher course on how to fade out our clapping, they let us take pictures of the set (from our seats).  

Yarn balls hanging in the windows

Yarn Baskets sitting on all of the shelves

And yarn creations on display (yes that deer is yarn)

The actual taping was fun, but it was hard to hear much of what was going on.  What we did hear was the snide comments Martha made, and Mo Rocca giving it right back to her.  When the taping was over, Martha said something (I don't remember what, but it was pleasant), and slowly, we filed back out into the street.

Martha in her lovely yellow sweater (that was not hand knit)

Yep, that's a crocheted urinal that she's standing next to.

Why don't I remember what Martha said?  Well because I like most of my group was a little shocked at our audience gift.  Now, I don't feel like I am entitled to a free gift because I showed up to do something that I wanted to do anyway, but this gift just didn't seem appropriate.  It was a fun fur scarf kit.  I believe this product has its place in the knitting world, and I have already found some great uses for fun fur, but as a gift to a group of talented knitters who value quality yarn, it is disappointing.  Margaux, speaks for the yarn snob in all of us with her post on the event, but I think it is all summed up in Chris's picture.


LoveANewIdea said...

Great post...and how exciting! I've always wondered what it would be like to go to the taping of one of these shows. Love the last photo! :)

Amanda D Allen said...

Thank you. I had never actually seen a full episode of Martha before this, but I was curious so I went. It was a great experience, and I'm glad I didn't pass it up.