Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seem Familiar?

So, the super secret project has been sent out, and I am just waiting to hear back that it has been received.

With that completed, I cast on my next big project. If you are thinking that this yarn looks familiar, you may be remembering the vest I started making way back last July.  This particular cotton, was just not loving the long stretches of stockinette.  (My gauge inconsistencies were not helping much either.)  if you remember back that far, you may also remember that this is the yarn I had originally intended to use for my Aleita Shell, but it was discouraged as a substitute yarn by someone on Ravelry because it didn't have any linen.  (I still find yarn substitution entirely intimidating.)  

So, I've been holding on to this yarn waiting for the perfect project I've spent months and months of cruising through Ravelry and looking at potential patterns, but I just kept coming back to Aleita.  I love the style of the pattern, and I think that the strong stitch definition of this yarn would really make the lines on the top half pop.  Despite the advice I was so graciously given.  I am going to press on an make another one.  

The other reason I was really wanting a new Aleita is because the last one is not really living up to my expectations.  I was hoping for a sweater that I could wear over a blouse with slacks for work.  I've tried to do that with my blue Aleita, but after the first washing the yarn really softened in appearance.  That, along with the color, just lends itself to a comfy pair of jeans.  When I put it on with slacks, I feel like I am making it be more than it really is.  It also doesn't fit me like I wish it would.  I followed the directions to the letter, and failed to make any adjustments to suit me.  Despite all this, I still love it. 

I am a little braver now, so I've made a slew of adjustments to the pattern, and so far, I am extremely pleased with the results.  

So pleased in fact, that I took this project along to knit on as I sat in the audience of the Martha Stewart Show. I could have picked anything to work on and declare my pride for on my first syndicated debut, but if you tuned in yesterday, this is what you would have seen me holding.  Stay tuned for more on Martha.

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