Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FO: Munchkin Bag

PAX East is just around the corner, and now I can excitedly say that I am completely prepared. It is also official that I am over dice bags for a while. This last bag is for a friend who we are tagging along to PAX with. He is my game buddy, and I owe him for so many late nights of endless laughing. One of the most hilarious things he has brought to my life is the game Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games. Some day I'll have to write a review for it, but for now, I will just say that it is full of adventure, cheating, jokes, and witty references to all of geekdom (and I am very excited about buying the new Munchkin Zombies next week before they hit shelves.)

The quirky art of the Munchkin games is done by John Kovalic. He has created this mascot for the game.
From John Kovalic

And this fella's silhouette is now adorning the game die and other accessories. Like this:
From Steve Jackson Games
Of course I decided that this would be the perfect image for the bag my friend needs for his Munchkin accessories. I charted:
From Drop Box
And I used the same front flap procedure as my last bag to make this:
FO: Munchkin Bag

The image is a little squatter than I was shooting for.  His neck is a bit too short and his nose a bit too Fraggle, but I think that anyone who knows what they are looking at, will see it just fine. With that, I am done with dice bags for the near future. If anyone is looking to play games that inspire giggle fits, I am up to the task though!


Lina said...

Love the new dice bag... I'm sad you're done with them for a while, though, as they're fun. :D


Amanda D Allen said...

Thanks! They are quick and fun, but I'm getting sick of knitting the same thing over and over again. They are great for practicing color work though and it would probably be a good practice project when I decide to learn how to throw my yarn. Until then, I need something new.