Monday, March 7, 2011

Queued: Vinnland

From Becca Compton
Vinnland, designed by Becca Compton, is a beautiful sock pattern. I added these to my queue because I was excited to learn toe up and short row heels.  The leaf motif is a simple knit/purl pattern and I thought it would be great for learning new things.  I have since made some toe up socks and short row heels, but I'm still keeping this queued. The socks look great, and I think that now I'm confident in all the techniques, they should be a quick knit. My grandma was clearly jealous of my grandpa's Christmas socks so I've been thinking a pair of these would be great for her.

If the sock pattern wasn't great enough, this one comes with some suggested listening.


laura said...

Short Row Heels?? I have a wonderful pattern for you then!!! Super easy.

Vinnland is a fun pattern. :-)

Amanda D Allen said...

Ohh which pattern do you recommend. I used short row heels for my Philly socks and for my Grandpa's socks. I'm always eager to add another good pattern to the queue and I need more socks ;)