Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brite Wurm

From Drop Box
Knit Picks has some more rainbow-like colorways of Chroma than the two that I chose for my scarf, but I've decided to name it after Rainbow Brite anyway. I am halfway done with the scarf, but I've decided to put it on hold for just a bit while I make a hat. This way, I'm certain I have enough yarn for the hat, and I can use the very last bit on the scarf.  I have finally chosen between two different patterns. Originally I was drawn to Minty. I think I liked being having it available in two colors to look at, but in the end I think that the skinny stripes in changing colors on my head would be too obnoxious. (Yes, I am aware that I'm planning an outrageously bright striped hat and scarf set and worried about where the line for obnoxious is.) Instead I decided to go with Wurm. I'm hoping that this will result in a mostly blue/green hat with bright pops of orange and pink.  I don't have much progress to show you because I had to rip out the entire brim and start it over.

On a barely related note, have you seen what happened to Rainbow Brite? She was one of my favorite characters as kid. My uncle still loves to tell stories about my constant babbling about, "Bo Bite." I don't know when it happened, but she's gotten a whole new look.
From Hallmark

It is almost a Bratz make over. I am not too upset about changing her up, but I am really disappointed that all of her friends are gone. I especially loved the Color Kids and all that diversity is gone and it seems like the personalities are gone too. I was never certain should be Patty O'Green or Shy Violet.  Now she's just got two girlfriends, and I doubt I'd want to be either of them.  

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