Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Queued: Honeycomb Vest

From Knitty
Sarah Castor's vest pattern is available on Knitty. I am drawn to this vest for the same reason that Sarah originally created the pattern. I like the idea of knitting things that I can wear in the office. Since knitting my second Aleita, however, I've been putting off knitting another vest. Despite this dropping down on my needed garment priority list, it still stays pretty high in my queue. I look at it every time I am thinking about buying yarn. 5 to 6 skeins of yarn is pretty tempting compared to the 8 to 12 projects in my queue. I think I want a nice brick red color. I also think I want to make it in some nice cozy wool. Aleita is knit in cotton, so this would be a completely different garment if I knit it in wool. Maybe this fall, when my Myrtle is done, I'll make this a WIP.

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