Thursday, April 7, 2011

Myrtle Grows

Have you forgotten about Myrtle? Did you think that I have? Well, she did get neglected while I worked on Mixed Motives, but she hasn't been abandoned. In fact, I've made some good progress.
I've accomplished even more since this picture was taken. Right now I am one pattern repeat away from beginning the arm shaping.

At knitting group last night we talked about modifying sweaters for better fit. I'm a true believer in adjusting for your size, but I haven't dared to make any edits to this pattern. It is my first full size lace sweater, so I'm going to be smitten even if I look like I'm wearing a potato sack.

Beyond that, I'm sticking to the pattern because of Snowden. I've decided that she and I think just a little bit differently. As I go through this project, I see things in the pattern that I think that I would have done differently. I am certain that she has a method, it just doesn't always match up to my madness. For example, I generally prefer to knit from charts. This pattern changes the number of stitches from row to row, and she doesn't mark the changes on the chart in the same way that I would. (I say, "I would," like I've written a chart, I should probably say, "I prefer.") I've had to use the written instructions instead. I don't mind, but I think that the reason I don't mind is because she's done so well with the pattern. Even though it isn't what I would prefer, it is written so clearly and is so understandable that it gives me faith. Snowden, I'm gonna trust you on this one.

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