Saturday, April 2, 2011

Follow Friday: Drawn From My Father's Adventures

From Drawn From My Father's Adventures

From About This Blog:
I have always loved my father's stories, the grim ones from boarding school during the war, the exciting ones from being the son of a spy, the exotic and bizarre and beautiful ones from traveling to unpronounceable places long before there were guide books. I have always seen these stories as pictures and I thought it was high time I coaxed them in writing from the source and drew them.

While I was going to college in Arkansas, I co-taught an ethnography course with a very good friend. I don't quite remember how I initially got involved with it, but I know that it gave me a new appreciation for listening to and making note of the stories that our loved ones have to share. Drawn From My Father's Adventures has Simon Blackall's fantastic stories and his daughter Sophie adds her art to take them a step further. I always enjoy what I find here.

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