Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow Friday: Epbot

From Epbot

From About Page:
Hiya. I'm Jen. You might know me from my other blog, Cake Wrecks.

In the past I've been a Jungle Cruise skipper, a cash office accountant, a children's book inventory expediter, a house painter, and a clown - not necessarily in that order. Today I'm a blogger, which is kind of like "clown" and "expediter" mashed together. And from the beginning, I've always been a geek.

Epbot is where I share the things I like, the things that make me laugh, and the things that I'm working on. If it's sci-fi, steampunk, clever, crafty, or cute, I probably love it.

I also quote The Princess Bride and Ghostbusters a lot. Sorry.

Hope you like it.

- Jen

I talked about my love for Jen and her Cake Wrecks team. Epbot is where Jen unwinds and shares all of her non-cakey interests. Cake Wrecks led me to believe that Jen is an entertaining humorist. Epbot has be convinced that she is my long lost BFF. She matches my Disney fandom and general geekery. I my (completely not creepy at all) fantasy world we'd be be neighbors. I'd teach her to knit, and she's lend me steampunk books and we would have regular squee fests playing games and watching movies. Sadly my (completely not creepy at all) fantasy world doesn't exist, I just lurk on her blog and pretend that everything she writes is something she is sharing specially for me (which admittedly does seem a little creepy...) Go check out her blog. You will quickly be able to tell if her interests match up with yours and if they do, you'll likely wish she was your best friend too.

Twitter Bonus: @cakewrecks

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