Sunday, May 8, 2011

For Charity

I've decided to create one more exception to my rule. One of my knit groups, Pints 'n Purls, does periodic charity projects. To strictly follow my rule, I wouldn't be able to knit gifts for friends and particpate in the charity projects at the same time, but participating is something I want to do, so I've decided that I am allowing myself. There are still some restrictions though. For now, I've decided that I am only going to work on these projects on Fridays. This means that I get subway time, and I go out for dinner and knitting with a girlfriend of mine that night every week. That is a fair amount of knitting without overtaking my other projects. I'm slowly becoming a more promiscuous knitter.

P5070002Now that I've reworked the rules, on to the fun stuff. The group is currently working on squares for a patchwork blanket. I decided to use my stitchionary to play with some cute knit/purl patterns. I am really happy with this first one. It is Pie Crust Basket-weave. I like how tight the basket-weave looks, but the fabric isn't overly dense. This was made with some dish cloth cotton, so it doesn't have much for drape, but I think with the right fiber it would drape nicely.

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